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The department of mathematics was started in 1996 . Mathematics Subject is taught as a part of B.Sc. Maths group PCM


• To develop logical, analytical and Mathematical thinking power in the minds of students in order to cater the Mathematical needs of the society.
• To create an environment that will identify, nurture and encourage mathematical intelligence.
• To enhance use of mathematical knowledge readily for problem solving, exploring all subjects by proper understanding of the Mathematical content with various possible representations.
• To improve the skills of Students in Practical Applications and Life Skills by means of a close and continuous monitoring of their progress through the course.


• To create an academically sound environment that nurtures motivates and inspires excellence in research and teaching in Mathematics along with concern for society.
• Imparting of quality Mathematics education and the inculcating of the spirit of research through innovative teaching and research methodologies.
• To achieve high standards of excellence in generating and propagating knowledge in Mathematics.
• To provide an environment where students can learn, become competent users of Mathematics, and understand the use of Mathematics in other disciplines.
• The long-term vision is to be a leading Mathematics Department in the Chhattisgarh and India.

Goals and Objectives

The overall vision for the Department of Mathematics is to be the cornerstone of the college by providing foundational and advanced mathematics to GSPMC students.

In particular, it is the aim of department to provide mathematics majors with a collection of skills that will help them transition to careers involving mathematics. Students should develop strong critical thinking skills, analytical skills and problem-solving tactics. Students will also hone oral and written communication skills and gain exposure to technology tools.

To this end, the department has identified the following learning objectives for all its majors.

Students will...
• write about Mathematics clearly, concisely and correctly
• write Mathematical proofs clearly, concisely and correctly
• solve Mathematics problems clearly, concisely and correctly
• solve and interpret Mathematical problems that originate from applications outside of Mathematics
• use technology to solve and/or explore (and/or research) Mathematics problems
• read and comprehend Mathematical works
• make effective presentations to demonstrate their understanding of Mathematical ideas


Name : Dr. Praveen Kumar Sahu

Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Department : Mathematics
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile No. : 8103089207
Email :
Resume : Pdf