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The department of zoology was established in 1996 and zoology is taught as part of biological science CBZ upto bsc courses.


The department aims for holistic development of the students and make them able to continue effectively for their welfare and society in this dynamic era .


Theme- aspire, hard work,. And achieve the goal.
1.provide the inexpensive educational service,inspire to all section of the society to get expertise/ skills at pg and above level in biological science.
2.inculcate high values through a liberal education and also to provide platform to have non- formal educational service. brings about an awareness regarding nature and biodiversity and help to solve the different problem to establish sound and peaceful environment and life for community and society.
4.provide broad range of service which transform society through the empowerment of youth.
5.reinvent ourselves in response to the changing demand of the society with high moral value as a good citizen



Qualification : M.Sc. , SET, GATE
Department : Zoology
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile No. : 7587787337
Email :
Resume : Pdf

Name : Smt. Jyoti Khalkho

Qualification : B.Sc. , M.A.(Hindi), SET,
Department : Zoology
Designation : Lab. Teacher
Mobile No. : 7869699560
Email :
Resume : Pdf